Blackstone Castle
Blackstone Castle

Use your knights and wizards to manipulate the vassals in Avondell to complete three King’s political machinations.

​​The realm of Westarland is in turmoil. Since the collapse of the Permon empire, the power vacuum has left nations scrambling to exert local control. Some previously minor kings now aspire to the dragon-skull throne of Westarland.​​

The Kingdom of Avondell is embroiled in all this political confusion. The King and his council of advisors, based in Blackstone Castle, are struggling to establish secure borders with the neighboring kingdoms of Hanshore, Magdar, and Grambling. To that end, the king employs emissaries, scouts, captains, and even spies to carry out his political machinations.

​​You play as a courtier in the King’s court manipulating vassals to carry out the King’s political goals. Take actions to increase your influence with various knights and wizards in the court who can help you carry out the King’s political goals. Even gain influence with the King.
Ultimately, you must complete three of the King’s political machination goals to gain favor with the King and win the game.

Blackstone Castle is a game for 2-4 players and plays in 30-60 minutes.

Blackstone Castle is a visual game of pattern matching via maneuvering of cards on the board.  It is also an engine building game.  It takes a good balance of engine building and board maneuvering to win the game.

Use the knights and wizards you hold sway over to shift, swap, transform, retain, or guard vassals deployed in the King's name.  Use them to complete machination or influence cards.