Coming back to Kickstarter in 2020
Build Rube Goldberg machines with gears, roller balls, water and levers. Competitive or cooperative play for 1 to 4 players. New play, simple rules.
Wacky Widgets: Game bits
Wacky Widgets Board with build cards
On your turn you reveal formulas that tell you what kind of contraption to build. You move, swap and switch cards until your doohickey, whatsit, thingamajig, or combobulation matches the formula. Build as many as you can on a turn. The most successful builder wins.

A build card
This shows a gear piece with three connection points. On the back is a water piece with two connectors. 
Head Dread
This is a gremlin from the cooperative-play version of Wacky Widgets. He will hide for one turn, pull in another gremlin to assist him on the next and then activate all gremlins on the board for a second time for as long as he is on the board.
Just for fun!
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