Coming to Kickstarter in 2018

Blackstone Castle

Move, swap, flip and capture cards on a grid to complete tasks for the King of Avondell.

Help the King of Avondell execute political machinations that will protect the kingdom, while you increase your influence in court with the knights, wizards and even the king himself.

You manipulate the Vassal cards on the board grid to fulfill Influence and Machination missions. Complete 21 points of missions to win.

1-4 players, ages 14 and up, 30 - 75 minutes.

Six different play modes, including two different cooperative games.

So, what's new?

Blackstone Castle now includes a quad-fold game board.

What else is new?

 We now have a brand-new timing mechanic for cooperative and solo play, called "Rats in the walls." You must complete your objectives (different for each game variant) before being overrun by plague-ridden rats. Eeeew.
Other new features:
  • Reduced-price shipping
  • All pledges will include the full set of deluxe features
  • New art for task cards
  • New scout art

Target: October 25

New for Co-op and Solo Variants
Rats in the walls
​We have added "Rats in the Walls" to the Blackstone Castle cooperative and solo play variants.

We are very excited about this one. Instead of using a straight count-your-turns timer, we have added rats who multiply and spread plague. You need to balance pursuing your game objective with the need to get rat dogs to help you with pest control. It would be a shame to die of the plague before you get to your goal!
  1. One rat, from "Rats in the Walls"
  2. Two rats from "Rats in the Walls"
  3. Three rats from "Rats in the Walls"
  4. Cat from "Rats in the Walls"
  5. Duchess from "Rats in the Walls"
  6. Duke from "Rats in the Walls"
  7. Jack from "Rats in the Walls"
  8. Jackie from "Rats in the Walls"
  9. Plague from "Rats in the Walls"
  10. Scotty from "Rats in the Walls"
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