Harvey Nathan Cornell IV has been a game designer since he was in high school. He has also been an engineer, a small business owner, a father, husband and son. While the people in his life come first, games are never far from his thoughts. Feel free to ask him about the newest game mechanics he wants to try, or the rule set that needs tweaking!
Harvey prefers co-op games and Euro mechanics, but that hasn't prevented him from designing a devastatingly cutthroat competitive in Gods and Heroes and a rollicking dice game in V.I.P.E.R. Ops.
Game design politics aside, we can't wait for the next new ideas from our lead designer, Harvey.
Carlie is a Renaissance-style artist, musician, writer, programmer, project manager.... oh let's not try to list all of her interests, not enough pages.
Carlie is learning to appreciate the beauty of efficiency in a well-played worker placement game. But her natural leanings create a love of tile-laying games, hot-fast dice, and anything with dragons.
You'll see examples of her art as we develop finished designs for our new games.
Game Designer
Harvey is the lead game designer at Dragon Phoenix Games. His prolific imagination drives the engine of our new game creation.
Game Artist
Carlie is the lead game artist at Dragon Phoenix Games. She is also first in line for play testing new games.