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Blackstone Castle

Move, swap, flip and capture cards on a grid to complete missions for the King of Avondell.

Help the King of Avondell execute political machinations that will protect the kingdom, while you increase your influence in court with the knights, wizards and even the king himself.

You manipulate the Vassal cards on the board grid to fulfill Influence and Machination missions. Complete 21 points of missions to win.

1-4 players, ages 14 and up, Approximately 20 minutes' playing time per player.

Six different play modes, including two different cooperative games.

Target: This fall

Storm Dragons

Burning Phoenix Inn

Lead your faction of dragons to victory against several other dragon factions. Guard your King well or he will fall to assassins. Watch out for magical storms. Only assassins and summoners survive them!

Storm Dragons is a card game (trick taking) for 3-6 players. One round plays in 10-20 minutes.  For a longer game, play till one player wins three times to determine the winner.

These decks of dragon cards offer games, including a cooperative, two-player game.

You are an adventurer setting out to find your fame and fortune in some fantastic adventure.  The only problem is, you don’t know where to find any adventures!  In order to find out, you have halted your journey just outside the borders of your homelands in a tavern known for its legendary crowd of battle-worn adventurers, the Burning Phoenix Inn.

This set collection card game offers two different modes of play: a 3 to 6 player interactive family game and a 2-person cooperative game. 
Dragon Phoenix Games

The newest entrant into the race to your game table.
We have six games in Beta and sixteen others in various stages of play test.
We hope to bring the first of our beautiful dreams into the world this year (see our Kickstarter notes above).