Burning Phoenix Inn
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Burning Phoenix Inn

Ply the local tavern for rumors about a great adventure!

You are an adventurer setting out to find your fame and fortune in some fantastic adventure.  The only problem is, you don’t know where to find any adventures!  You have heard vague tales of various and sundry perilous exploits you might attempt, such as the Forbidden Forest, the Haunted Hamlet, and several others.  In order to find out more, you have halted your journey just outside the borders of your homelands in a tavern known for its unruly crowd of battle-worn adventurers, the Burning Phoenix Inn.  
You hope to glean enough information from these experienced warriors and wizards to find out where to begin your adventures.  But someone knows what you are up to and is out to stop you.  Watch out for the mysterious Shadow Riders, trying to prevent you finding out what you need to know.  
Use your social skills to draw rumors and perhaps more out of the varied group of characters lounging at the inn.  Gamble, play darts or arm wrestle, gab, gossip and even eavesdrop to find the information you need.  The first player to collect five rumors about the same adventure is the winner.  The Shadow Riders (in disguise amongst the inn’s patrons) will attempt to slow you down, but maybe you can learn enough to turn the tables on them!