Klondike Crash
Klondike Crash

There's gold in them thar hills, but you aren't there yet.

It is the late 1930’s and a fabulous new gold strike has been made in the Canadian Klondike.  You are a member of a team of workers flying to a mine site there. A blizzard blows you off course and forces you to crash in the mountains.  Many of the survivors were injured in the crash. As one of the lucky ones who escaped unscathed, you have to keep everyone from dying from their wounds, starvation, exposure, or from hostile animals. Of course, your plane crashed far from the plotted flight plan and you can’t count on help anytime soon.
You must either find a safe path down the mountain or up high enough that the mine radio can be used to call for help,  assuming, of course, that the radio can be found in the wreckage and is still working.
Klondike Crash is a cooperative game for 3-6 players in which you play survivors of a plane crash seeking rescue.  Play as a miner, engineer, medic, mountaineer, or outdoorsman and use your special skills to
help the survivors.  Look through wreckage for valuable items such as food, weapons, coats, tools and other equipment to help you on your quest to stay alive and reach safety.
But watch out for animals that may want to eat you, or at least steal your food.  On your way down (or up) the mountain you will have to overcome obstacles such as crevasses, sheer walls, boulders, dangerous animals, and even avalanches.  Keep your wits about you and use tools and equipment you find in the wreckage. Tread carefully, but hurry, or too many will die from exposure or starvation!  Plays in 1-2 hours.