Phobos Falling
Phobos Falling

Hull breach, power outage, and pirates. Oh my!

Earth has set up a mining operation for Xenite ore on Mars’ moon, Phobos.   The asteroid pirates, who were competing with the Telemark corporation to sell Xenite, destroyed Phobos, sending the orbiting
space station, Valhalla, hurtling off toward the asteroid belt after the cataclysmic explosion.  The station is badly damaged and getting worse, keeping the crew busy with repairs.
As senior officers of the Valhalla crew, you must find a way to get the surviving crew back to earth safely.
Phobos Falling is a cooperative game for 2-8 players in which you play senior officers of the space station Valhalla.  You each use your special skills to keep the station habitable long enough to outfit
a shuttle with the necessary equipment for the long trip back to earth.  But first, you have to overcome the cascading failures that threaten to destroy the station.
Along the way your space station will be constantly boarded by pirates bent on your destruction, threatened by asteroids, explosions, fire and more.  Use the skills of the commander, engineer, science officer, security officer and others to gather equipment to help you keep the station functional, fend off the pirates, and outfit a shuttle for the trip home.  You might even steal critical equipment from the marauding pirates! Plays in 1-2 hours.
Phobos Falling Rules