Ramesses: The Great Builder Pharaoh
Ramesses: The Great Builder Pharaoh

Build Pharaoh's splendid monuments and your name will live forever.

Pharaoh Ramesses the second (a.k.a. Ramesses the Great) has just come to power as part of the 19th dynasty of Egypt Circa 1500 B.C.  The new Pharaoh, the living god of Upper and Lower Egypt, has great plans for building fabulous monuments, tombs and temples, but he needs a builder he believes in to make his grandiose visions a reality.  He has challenged his greatest builders to prove themselves worthy of the architect role. A great scramble is  underway to build the most impressive structures in the next two years and win Pharaoh’s favor.
Do you have what it takes to build the most glorious structures and earn the
title "Architect of Ramesses the Great”?
Ramesses: The Great Builder Pharaoh is a game for 2-5 players where you use workers, masons, artisans, priests, warriors and even your architect himself to acquire resources, pray for aid from the gods Amun-Ra, Isis, Horus, and Osiris, build glorious  structures, and defend your holdings from hostile invasions.  Along the way you will need to build farms, residences, and barracks, and acquire quarries.
Manage your gold, pigments and stone to build sections of buildings and monuments.  Assemble the sections into monolithic constructions that impress the Pharaoh and bring his favor upon you.  But be careful, the Nubians and Hyksos are waiting to raid your towns and wreak destruction.
The first builder to gain enough favor from the Pharaoh will be named his chief architect and the rest will be lost in history.  Can you rise to the position and make your name live on forever?  Plays in 90 to 150 minutes.
Please note that the game is currently shown with art borrowed off the internet that will be replaced for production.