Serenditity's Cauldrons
Serendipity's Cauldrons

Potions 101.  Are you the greatest potion mixer in Serendipity's class?

Serendipity is the world's most renowned potion maker.  You were truly lucky to get into her potion making class here at Alakazam Academy.  Now all you have to do it get top honors in her class because only the best are invited back for the advanced class.
Serendipity's cauldrons is a dice manipulation game.  You have three cauldrons in which you are simultaneously mixing concoctions.  Use them to make potion charms, talismans, and runes.  These will help you manipulate your ingredients (dice) in the cauldrons to create more powerful evokations.
Be the first to formulate the Seven Charm potion in one of your cauldrons and earn your way into the advanced potion making class!