Texas Freedom
Carlie and Statue of Sam Houston: model for game illustration?
Texas Freedom

Inspire your fellow Texicans to rise up for liberty and independence.

The time is the 1830s, the place is Texas.  Mexico controls Texas and the “Texicans” are growing restless under the yoke of the Mexican government.  Leaders such as William B. Travis, Sam Houston, and
Stephen F. Austin urge the people to declare independence.  As sentiment for  liberty spreads, the Mexican government tightens its grip.  Can you lead the people of Texas to freedom?
Texas Freedom is a cooperative game for 2-6 players where players take on the roles of the leaders of the Texan independence movement including William B. Travis, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Ben Milam, William Rusk, and Molly Webster.  You must stir up sufficient anti-Mexican sentiment to generate support for a declaration of independence.
Players use cards to move, place militia, cannons and control forts as well as sow the seeds of liberty and even call on the aid of Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett.  Each player has a special ability to help them in their quest.  Once independence is declared, the fledgling Texas has to hold on to its freedom against General Santa Anna and the Mexican army for long enough to convice Mexico to concede Texan independence.  Plays in 1-2 hours.