Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain: A Mission Critical Game

Escape from the mountain stronghold -- and grab some treasure along the way! 

Your hero uses his or her wits, brawn, and arcane powers to find relics that will help you get past the powerful monsters guarding the exits out of Thunder Mountain.  Get help from dwarves, pixies, and imps along the way, as well as magical treasures you find.  Recruit other adventures to help you in your cause!
Only one one group of fearless adventures will get out alive, for the caverns will collapse upon exiting!

Thunder Mountain is played over by 2-4 players who send adventurers to fight their way through the monsters inhabiting the depths of Thunder Mountain, in a mad scramble to find a way out of the mountain before they are comsumed by evil.
 Defeat a variety of monsters including skeletons, kobolds, elementals, golems and many more.


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